S2 Enrichment play One Direction!

6 Feb

Great job guys! 👍🎼🎹🎶


Instrumental Students of the Month

22 Jan

Congrats to our new Instrumental Students of the Month! Well done!


Forrester Music Host Broomhouse Primary Pupils for Eastern Percussion Workshops

18 Jan

RSNO Concert Review by Kevin Robertson

23 Nov

The concert given by the RSNO on Friday the 8th of November was very informative and enlightening. I enjoyed the way Paul engaged with audience with his in depth powerpoint. I was surprised to see there was no harp as most Vaughan Williams included a harp heavily in his works. During the first half, Paul Rissmann strips apart Vaughan Williams’ fifth symphony, explaining what each harmony and ornament meant. After the interval, the symphony was played through without stopping to explain what a certain part meant. I enjoyed the concert thoroughly and learnt a lot about how Williams composed his works.

RSNO Concert Review by Craig Grassie

23 Nov

I was very impressed by “Naked Classics” with the RSNO, especially the first half analysis by Paul. It was really interesting to learn about Ralf Vaughan Williams life in the shadow of Edward Elgar. The charisma of his presentation really shone through and made the audience feel welcome even if they were new to this experience. My favourite movement in Williams’ symphony was the second as it was very calming but with the undertone of something sinister all the way through it, giving it an edge. My experience of the RSNO’s performance was very enjoyable and I would happily go again.

Another S2 class play The Addam’s Family group piece!

6 Nov

S2 play Addam’s Family Group Piece

5 Nov

Very seasonable Music folks! 😄👍